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Looking for a way to get yourself moving?

Join Me in Getting the World Moving I first became acquainted with the company Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) about 18 months ago, near the end of 2013. And I've been hooked ever since. Their slogan, "Get The World Moving" has had a tremendous effect on me. It's gotten me moving, recording my steps, competing with and against others, charting and watching my progress, and having a blast while doing it. What wa...
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11 Less Obvious Ways to Save Money

Keeping your cash... Perhaps you have not thought enough about some less common, but enormously impactful ways to save more $$$. In keeping with our mission here at WellFit, let’s all get our financial lives in order and the rest, especially our health, will follow. This article is from Money Management International, the non-profit Arizona credit counseling agency: “When it comes to smart money management, our...
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Integration of Finances into Wellness Programs

You can keep wishing and hoping that your employer offers a financial wellness program, like the ones mentioned in this article*, or create your own feeling of living a life well planned by working with Greg and Lisa at WellFit Financial. When your financial house is in order you can feel your stress levels decline and watch your "to do" list shrink. We work with investors who are as serious about their health as the...
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