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Men, If You Care About Your Spouse, Buy LTC Insurance

Spouses-WellFit-FinancialWhen talking to couples about retirement and aging most folks picture lives of pleasant travel along with strolls on the beach. But what if you can’t walk let alone stroll? It’s time to rethink that scenario.

Most single women are willing to converse about the possibility that they may need care as they age. But it’s often married men who assume that their spouses are willing and able to care for them, even though that may not be possible. A large body of research suggests that women caregivers will suffer stress, depression, illness, isolation, and loss of wages by dropping out of the work force to care for an ailing spouse.

Our message to men is this: if you care about your spouse and you can afford it, buy long term care insurance. It may be the best anniversary gift you ever give or receive.

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