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11 Less Obvious Ways to Save Money

Keeping Your CashKeeping your cash… Perhaps you have not thought enough about some less common, but enormously impactful ways to save more $$$. In keeping with our mission here at WellFit, let’s all get our financial lives in order and the rest, especially our health, will follow.

This article is from Money Management International, the non-profit Arizona credit counseling agency:

“When it comes to smart money management, our top priority tends to be saving money. That is, reducing our spending and making what we have go further.

So we tend to talk about ways to save a lot. But the truth is that you probably already know quite a few ways to save money, and telling you to turn the lights off or make lunch at home is really just telling you things you already know.

Understanding that, here are a few ways to save that might not seem quite so obvious:

Exercise – Healthcare costs the average American household nearly $15,000 per year. Maintaining good health, however, is significantly less expensive than regaining good health. Investing in your body and your overall health can pay enormous dividends over the long run.”

Follow this link to read full article from moneymanagement.org:  11 Slightly Less Obvious Ways to Save Money

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