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Looking for a way to get yourself moving?

Join Me in Getting the World Moving

I first became acquainted with the company Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) about 18 months ago, near the end of 2013. And I’ve been hooked ever since.

GETTING-ACTIVE_Time-to-get-moving_WellFit-Financial Their slogan, “Get The World Moving” has had a tremendous effect on me. It’s gotten me moving, recording my steps, competing with and against others, charting and watching my progress, and having a blast while doing it. What was at first one more thing on my “to do list” is now an ingrained habit that keeps my energy flowing, my weight in check, my sleep patterns healthy, and my activity kicked into gear.

I’m about to complete my first year as a participant and getting ready to sign up again, no longer a rookie. The gains I’ve made are precious and I look forward to the next challenge.

You can learn more about the program at https://www.gettheworldmoving.com/program-overview. A PDF version of the brochure for sharing with friends may be downloaded here. or by clicking on the image.

Now here’s your challenge:  Call me (Lisa Lane) for more info at 480-861-4196 and to join my team!

Looking for a productive way to get moving?  I’d love to hear from you by phone or through your comments below!


2 thoughts on “Looking for a way to get yourself moving?

  1. Lisa – thanks for sharing this. Sounds like a challenging way to get me moving more. I’m not getting any younger! I’ll be sharing this with my sister, and with Facebook and LinkedIn group members. Get ready for a lot of calls! ;)

  2. Hi Lisa, is this an annual challenge and if so will you be forming a group or accountability team this year?

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